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MVP offers a simple solution for perspective high school athletes and parents to connect with our network of over 20,000+ college coaches.

MVP offers state of the art marketing tools for you to be SEEN and HEARD!

The MVP - Profile Management System allows you to upload your personal information, academic information, athletic information, sporting videos, press clipping and a college coaching video interview section. Then search and select colleges of interest and have your profile delivered in a professional manner.

The MVP video interview section allows you to get that 1st interview with a college coach. We have surveyed over 20,000+ coaches asking them "What are your top five 1st interview questions?" NOW you get the chance to respond to those perspective college coaches.

MVP's video interview section allows you to have your say and allows the college coaches the opportunity to see your personality and assess the cultural fit.

At MVP we call the personality/culture fit the "Tom Brady Effect". Tom Brady was picked #199 in the 2000 NFL draft purely based on his physical stats and limitations. Two Superbowl wins and several MVP awards later, the coaches who passed on Brady in that draft all say "We couldn't see inside his head, and we couldn't see the size of his heart." DOH!!

This is your chance to not only show your athletic skills and stats, but also your passion and heart for your sport.

Athletes connecting with college coaches daily!

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