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About MVP

The MVP team comes from a variety of corporate backgrounds. MVPs origins started with a combination of key people from some leading multinational companies in corporate and executive recruitment, international sports and entertainment marketing, international advertising and high school, college, professional coaches and sportspeople.

This wealth of professional experience combined with the understanding of the practicalities required for the college sports recruitment process has delivered an efficient and cost effective delivery method for every prospective college student-athlete.

About the Video Interview

MVP has surveyed over 20,000 colleges coaches across 14 different sports asking them what their top 5 questions are in a 1st interview of a college-bound student-athlete.

MVP offers you the student-athlete a rare opportunity to have that 1st interview via video responses with your chosen college coaches under no pressure.

Personality / Culture fits into a sport are extremely important and not often conveyed by just sending your profile.

With the video interview option you can now have your say on your terms to promote yourself in a light not previously offer via the internet.

You must be yourself when answering the questions and answer honestly as it is your personality which could be the edge the college coaches are looking for. The best person to promote you is YOU!

It gives the coaches a rare opportunity to see your personality and evaluate the personality / cultural fit into their sporting program.

For the Athlete

The MVP website provides a cutting edge athlete profile management system for student- athletes to market themselves in a professional manner to perspective college coaches of their choice. Through MVP's network of 20,000+ college coaches, student-athletes can search and connect with an extensive range of college coaches.

This site aims to give you the tools to make your approach like a business proposition, which at the end of the day, it is. It's the business of you! It's giving yourself that edge over your competition by creating a business plan, setting yourself goals on a set timeline, both athletically and academically, and in line with the NCAA guidelines.

Not only can you show your athletic and academic skills and stats, but you can also show your passion, heart and drive to prospective college coaches by answering a series of 5 commonly asked recruiting questions. You can think about your answers, take your time to video yourself, and show your desire to make your college dreams come true.

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For the Coaches

To provide a simplistic website research tool for college coaches to search and recruit targeted potential student-athletes. View stats, highlight reels, and in an industry first, gain an insight to the personality, drive and ambition of each prospective student-athlete via a video upload of their answers to commonly asked recruiting questions.

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For the Public - Coming Soon!

PEP RALLY - SUPPORT YOUR STUDENT-ATHLETE! - Provides family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, high schools, the community and supporters the ability to search, communicate, follow and vote for a MVP student-athlete of their choice, with the monthly winner being the featured video marketed on the MVP website, MVP YouTube, MVP Facebook.

Additionally, you will be featured in MVP's monthly viral marketing campaign. You will have a camera crew following you around for a day making a video of "THE DAY IN THE LIFE OF YOU", then edited with your highlight reel we hope to make you go VIRAL!!

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